Parashat Ekev: showing up is safer than hiding

A minyan is traditionally defined as ten Jewish men but by Progressive Jews as ten self-identified and committed Jews of any gender; any way you define it, what it means is that we need critical mass.  What is critical mass? it’s the number you need to get the job done. In order to evoke holiness inContinue reading “Parashat Ekev: showing up is safer than hiding”

Shabbat Nakhamu: finding consolation together

On Tuesday of this week, the world fell apart for Jews 1,941 years ago. In 72 CE the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed by the mighty Roman Empire on 9 Av, which this year corresponds to Tuesday July 16. The tragedy was as great in its time as the Shoah (called in English the Holocaust) isContinue reading “Shabbat Nakhamu: finding consolation together”

Tisha B’Av 5773: what will you fast for?

Is this the fast I want – bowing down the head and sitting on sackcloth and ashes? Is this an acceptable fast?  Is not this the fast I have chosen:  To break open the bonds of the “I can’t help it” excuse of habitual evil,  to undo the yoke and let the oppressed go free,  andContinue reading “Tisha B’Av 5773: what will you fast for?”