Shabbat Va’Era: Time to Grow Up

The words of HaShem came to Moshe: “I am The Source of That Which Was, Will Be, Is – your ancestors knew me as a Sheltering Mother; they did not come to this Awareness which is now Yours.” Exodus 6.2-3____________________________________________________ This period of time, the week that was and the one that will be, areContinue reading “Shabbat Va’Era: Time to Grow Up”

Shabbat Shemot: Listen and See that All Is One

we have met the enemy and they are us – cartoonist Walt Kellly in the comic strip Pogo What is the cause of uprisings? the seed of violence? what did we see on Wednesday in Washington D.C., and all spring and summer in Portland? Others will turn to political scientists and sociologists; to these sourcesContinue reading “Shabbat Shemot: Listen and See that All Is One”

The Face of Evil at the U.S. Capitol

The foolish do not knowthe ignorant to not understand thisthough evil seems to flourish like weedsspringing up, vigorous, in every cornerit will not lastGod is above all; God is what lasts.That which hates truth and light will fallall that is the enemy of goodnesswill perish, and crumble away into dust.– Psalm 92 Shalom Shir TikvahContinue reading “The Face of Evil at the U.S. Capitol”